Starting Line-Up

Printing colours the paper.
People colour the service.

Technology in this day and age can do amazing things and we have the equipment to prove it.
But it’s not the machines that create best-in-class service and products — it’s the people behind them.

At Lithocolor, we’re devoted to the universal truth, that in life, input equals output.
From speaking to clients and customers to ensuring the ink is perfectly matched to your brand,
our people breathe creativity,passion, accuracy and care into your work.

This way, the results are nothing short of what we both expected — the best.


Ray Renaud


The Mastermind

Known for his intuition and creative approach in business. Ray has been at the helm at Lithocolor for over 25 years and continues his masterful ways.

While not at work, Ray is an avid rider (motorcycles,) loves to see the world, and kicks back at his farm house.


Sebastian Gonzalez

Manager of New Business Development & Sales

The Entertainer

Known for his charisma and unique yet direct approach to client relations, Sebastian has been entertaining Lithocolor guests for over 6 years. Sebastian has over 14 years of industry experience, both in production and in client relations. His high energy Latino vibe is sure to rub off on you.

While away from work, Sebastian is an avid Scuba Diver, who loves to explore the the open sea. At home he is a caring and loving husband and father of two.  Sebastian loves to travel.


John Munro

Manager of Data Operations, Prepress & Customer Service

The Philosopher

Known for his astute manipulation of facts and problem solving skills. John has been a long standing and key partner is Lithocolor’s continued growth – over 18 years! John continues to put his exclamation mark on everything his touches.

While not at work, John is a musician – playing the Gee-tar. John is also a loving grandfather of two, father of three and happily married (at least that’s what we think). Who knew but with his additional spare time he deconstructs older furniture and rebuilds them to be trendy new cool furniture (maybe he’ll make you something if you ask nicely). Go figure, the guy has talent.


Steve van Niekerk

Manager of Production

The Executor

Known for getting  things done with vigor and efficiency. Steve has been in the industry for over 25 years and has shared his wisdom with Lithocolor for the past 2 years. Steve is a hands on Manager and leads the charge on our production floor.

While not at work, Steve is a professional squash player, no seriously, he’s in several squash leagues, he takes his squash seriously! At home, Steve is a loving husband and father.