Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Slim-ShadesTM – Lithocolor’s Custom Branded VR Goggles

Enter a Virtual Reality 3D World

Turn your iPhone or Android into an interactive experience with Slim-ShadesTM. Open an app or video, slide in your mobile device, hold the goggles in front of your eyes and enjoy VR in your own hands.

 Creative Design

Slim-ShadesTM are light, simple and easy to assemble!  With unlimited design capabilities, you can showcase your brand or connect with your audience through personalization.


Some of the current applications include 360-degree test drives, virtual housing, fashion shows, music videos, concerts, games, exhibition tours, travel and new product presentations. Slim-ShadesTM can be distributed at an event or mailed flat ready for simple assembly.

Have a new idea? We can help you make it a “Virtual” Reality, from concept to execution.


February 1, 2017